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Nancy F. | BRC/NJ Patient

As frightening as the whole process was, I have to
say that I could not be happier with the results.

I started routine mammograms before the age of 40, even though I had no history of breast cancer in my family. Despite normal mammograms, a lump was found during a routine ob/gyn visit and shortly thereafter I was diagnosed with breast cancer by one the area's most renowned hospitals. Of course, that was quite a shock to me! When the mastectomy procedure was described to me, I knew that I would need top quality breast reconstruction as well. So the plastic surgery very much influenced my choice of surgeons. I met with different plastic surgeons, all with impressive credentials and good patient outcomes.

The surgeons I most wanted to work with were all out-of-network and so my final choice was influenced by the fact that Dr. Ablaza of The Plastic Surgery Group in Montclair was able to work with an equally impressive breast surgeon [Dr. Nancy Elliott] in the same building. Dr. Ablaza and Dr. Elliott were both so easy to talk to; very much like talking to friends. They made me so comfortable with the entire process, making my options very clear and helping me to reach the right choices for me. They were also very accommodating in working out a payment plan for me while the other facilities required full payment up front. That was very important to me.

As frightening as the whole process was, I have to say that I could not be happier with the results. Considering how young I was at the time, having a bilateral mastectomy was a huge decision. Dr. Ablaza pointed out that one of the most pleasing aspects of human anatomy is symmetry, and having the same procedures on both breasts would better assure ultimate symmetry of the breasts. That was really interesting and not something you would think of with out expert guidance. Although I never felt pressured into a choice, I chose the bilateral mastectomy and I'm glad I did. When I had a breast exam sometime later by another doctor, she said, "This is the best breast reconstruction work I have ever seen!" That made me feel great, and I think they do look great!

Another great thing about the Breast Reconstruction Center is that it's possible to have additional plastic surgery procedures during your breast surgery or as a follow up procedure. It's really nice to know that so many services are available right there in one very private facility. I was able to have upper eyelid surgery and ended up looking better than ever!

I'm certainly happy that I chose BRC and have enjoyed my relationship with Dr. Ablaza of The Plastic Surgery Group and with Dr. Elliott of Montclair Breast Center.

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