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Barbara G. | BRC/NJ Patient

The care and treatment I received at BRC/NJ made me feel like a queen from both the breast surgeons (Dr. Nancy Elliott & Dr. Marcie Hertz) and my plastic surgeon Dr. Valerie Ablaza.

The Start of my Breast Cancer Journey
From the second I was told I had breast cancer I believe I had the best experience a woman could have had under the circumstances — attended by 2 breast care physicians and a nurse — one of them holding my hand at all times. I was in my mid-fifties.

Of course as a mom my first thoughts were of my children and their future well-being. My first physical reaction was quiet tears flowing down my cheeks. But I knew I was in the best hands, literally, in the world. I also knew I would need surgery two times, because although my cancer was detected at the best possible stages, zero and one, there was no way I wanted to worry about it coming back — I wanted every breast cell out of my body as soon as possible, so I opted for GRT (glandular replacement therapy).

About my Surgery
At the Breast Reconstruction Center of New Jersey, I didn’t have to lift a finger to make this surgery happen, no phone calls, no arrangements, everything was taken care of for me in this one complete facility. The first operation was to rid my body of the cancer and place temporary tissue expanders, the second operation to take out the tissue expanders and give me wonderful new breasts. Both surgical procedures went perfectly.

The magical (yes, magical) moments from the minute I stepped into the Breast Reconstruction Center of New Jersey were totally comforting. From the person at the front desk, to the nurse who spoke to me and then the anesthesiologist who came to talk to me right before the operations, I felt like I was in a spa. I was ensconced in a very comfortable chair, in a warm robe and warm slippers, just like I would wait for a massage in a spa. When I was led into the operating area, where I was the sole patient (BRC only does one operation at a time), I had never seen such a clean, I’d say sparkling clean, healthcare environment. I’d often been to visit people in top hospitals in other upscale suburbs around the country and in New York, and never did I see any room as clean. It even smelled good and we all know sterilizing cleaners can leave a bad smell.

Totally calm, I was helped onto the operating table, was patted or had my hand held by my physicians and nurses, and then I was out. When I woke up I had a chest, albeit a different shape than my original one (I know women are afraid of not having breasts when they wake up) but I was never flat. I felt good. I was met by my doctors and my husband and taken home to recuperate. I had very little pain – ever.

About my BRC Physicians
The care and treatment I received at BRC/NJ made me feel like a queen from both the breast surgeons (Dr. Nancy Elliott & Dr. Marcie Hertz) and my plastic surgeon Dr. Valerie Ablaza. As an aging Baby Boomer, my permanent “new” chest is better than I had before! I look better in clothes and I’m “perky.” Best and most important of all, I’m cancer free. I didn’t need drugs, chemo or radiation.

Since this operation experience, in this “private” breast hospital, I can’t fathom going anywhere else. There was absolutely no hassle with staff, parking or cleanliness and SERVICE was impeccable. Everything is under one roof and I never felt like a number; on the contrary, I felt like I was getting the treatment of a President (or Secretary of State) of the United States.
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